"Finally! A No-Fluff Guide Showing You Step-By-Step How To Quickly & Easily Get Your Own REAL List Building, Money Sucking Order Pages & Expert Wordpress Blog, Up And Running In 24 Hours Or Less!"

At Last! "Idiot Proof" Step-By-Step Instructions To Getting Your Own Proper Website Live Online So You Can Start Building A List & Making Money Online!

Stuart Stirling

Special Release From: Stuart Stirling

Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Dear Frustrated Newbie,

Has the idea of starting an Internet business to make some extra money from home got you excited about setting up your first website?

But is the whole 'technical' side of getting your own website up and running online holding you back because it seems too baffling for an 'average Joe' like you?

If you're looking for a no-nonsense guide that tells you in plain simple English and easy to follow instructions on how to do the 'basics' to making websites for your internet marketing, then you've come to the right page!

Just Want To Know Where To Start?

I get many emails on a daily basis from beginners who say to me.... 

"I just want to know how to get started online. I don't know how to set up a website... I just don't know where to start!"

Maybe you're in the same boat. If so, I understand your situation. You just want to know where to start with setting up your first website for your online business without the hair-pulling frustrations.

Well, before you give up and put your fist through your computer screen, here's how you can get your first money making website online easier than you thought possible!

I have put together a simple step-by-step guide to help newbies get their first website up and running in 24 hours or less. 


Newbie Start Up Guide!

Recently Updated!

Newbie Website Start Up Guide
"Your First REAL Squeeze Page, Wordpress Blog & Order Taking Website In 24 Hours!"

Over 40 pages show 16 steps of no-fluff "idiot-proof" instructions that take you step-by-step over everything to get you a website with a list building squeeze page, wordpress blog and order taking sales letter web pages in 24 hours!

"It's Clear And Concise. I Love it!"

Jackie Malcolm says:

I keep your Newbie Start Up Guide close to me for a handy quick reference for when I do have questions.

It is nicely written, it's clear and concise. I love it!

I purchased your Newbie Guide because it was exactly what I needed and I also trust you. Now I really feel like I owe you a big one!

Thanks for all your time and effort on my behalf.

Jackie Malcolm

Lauren says:

"A #No.1 Priority For Every Newbie!"

Normally a person would expect a lot of time, effort, and thought process is needed to start up their own successful internet business, and I did too; until I read Stuart's Newbie Start Up Guide.

All of the steps are there in an easy-to-follow manner, along with diagrams, links to all necessary websites, costs, and all!

I was estatic when I realised how easy it would be to start up my own internet business with this wonderfully simple guide, and I recommend this as a #no.1 priortiy for every Newbie to grab a hold of before they attempt to do anything else.

Lauren from Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

David says:

"A Diamond In The Rough!"

Stuart: I just received your "Newbie Start-up Guide."

What a diamond in the rough it was.

Stuart, I'm new at this stuff. Been searching and spending money for six weeks trying to learn.

Your book has more in it then all the stuff I've gone thru in the last six weeks. Wish I had it a lot sooner.

Thank you & the best to you & your family.

David Bell

You'll be shown exactly how to...
How to Get a Website Up Fast And Easy

Get your own "money making" website set up quickly...your own domain name, website hosting, email, autoresponder, paypal account - everything!

How to Get a Website Up Fast And Easy

Set up a "squeeze" page website so you can start building your list fast!

How to Get a Website Up Fast And Easy

Get a free Wordpress blog of your own up on your website in minutes!

How to Get a Website Up Fast And Easy

Set up and sell all those Resell Rights products you have on your hard drive!

All The Pros Have One, Now You Can Too!

All the wildly successful internet marketers have their own website & you probably realize the only way you're gonna make big online is to have your own website too. 

Just to remind you why having your own REAL website and not some time wasting cheesy free one you have no control over is the only way to go, take a look at at these benefits...

Look and be professional so people will take notice and buy from you

Change the look and add to your website anytime you want - change colors, add content, insert ads, add opt-in forms, etc.

Build YOUR business and brand up and not someone else's

Build a list of loyal subscribers who know and trust YOU

Have full control over your subscribers and customers - email them anytime you like to build strong relationships

Set up and sell as many digital products like Ebooks, Graphics and Software from your website as you like for instant Paypal cash!

With a website of your own, you can do so much. There are no limitations. It's really the only way to go to build a business and make real income online!

And that's exactly what you're going to learn when you get your copy of Newbie Start Up Guide!

Newbie Website Start Up Guide

16 Step-By-Step Instructions Showing You Every Step Of The Way....

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Choose & Register a Good Domain Name

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Get & Set Up Cheap Reliable Web Hosting

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Set Up Your Autoresponder

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Create An Email Address Like This: yourname@yourcoolwebsite.com

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Choose A Good, Profitable Niche

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Create a Freebie To Giveaway To Build Your List

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Make PDF Files From A Word Document For Free

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Make A Landing 'Squeeze' Page With Your Optin Form Showing On It

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Upload Your Squeeze Page & PDF to Your Website

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Install a Wordpress Blog With a Few Clicks

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Upload and Change To New Themes on Your WP Blog

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Start Selling Other People's Products & Make A Hefty Commission

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Set Up Resell Rights Products Ready To Sell From Your Website

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyHow to Securely Take Payments & Let Customers Download Products Automatically

How to Get a Website Up Fast And EasyAnd Much More!

All The Steps To Having Your First Website Ready To Make A Splash & Some Cash In 24 Hours!

You'll find every piece of information you need to get your Internet marketing website up and running in 24 hours or less without the fluff.

What's more important is that the steps are in the right order you need to do them.

It's as easy as starting at Step #1 and following through each one to Step #16.

Give yourself 24 hours to go through all the steps in order but if you're really quick, you could do them all in one Saturday afternoon.

After that, it's smooth sailing with a website of your own, ready to collect subscribers and take orders where the money goes straight to you.

Not Another Cheap Vague Info 'Fluff' Ebook...

This One Actually Shows You Every Step Of The Way

Too many ebooks have just boring old text articles and theories that don't seem to gel together and leave you feeling dumber after reading it.

Not here!

Newbie Start Up Guide is pure step-by-step info on "how to" not your typical "what to do" junk that makes this an invaluable guide to all newbies out there .

All the missing pieces you were looking for are covered in the 16 steps of this guide. For Internet marketing newbies, this is just what the doctor ordered. No fluff and filler, you get only the 'nuts & bolts' and nothing left out.

Got Newbie Jitters? We've Got Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. What is Newbie Start Up Guide all about? How will I learn the steps to creating my own website? 

A. There is a total of 16 steps taking you from the very start and by the end you will have your own squeeze page, blog and products ready to sell too. Right after your order, you will be able to download your copy of Newbie Start Up Guide that will show you how to do it. It comes as a PDF ebook which you can read on your computer screen or print out.

Q. Are there any other costs involved after I purchase?

A. If you want to follow the steps as I lay them out, then yes, there are tools and services that you need to pay for. Every serious marketer has to pay for them sooner or later, so you need to be willing to make some small investments...around $40 in total will get you started. There are other recommendations but they are optional. I mean, if you go all out you'll be spending no more than $200 in total and you'll have a full-tilt internet business. Where else can you start a real business for under $200? And, rest assured that I only recommend the best value services and never recommend anything that you don't need. 

Q. But I'm a complete computer illiterate. Can I still do this?

A. Yes, absolutely. This guide is laid out step-by-step so it's easy to follow and complete each step. I literally show you "Step 1. do this, Step 2. Do this, Step 3. Now do this... " Plus with the images there to assist you, you'll have a clear map to follow. If you can follow simple instructions, you can do this.

Q. How fast realistically will I start making money?

A. How long is a piece of string? You'll be shown how to make money making websites in under 24 hours but that is not a guarantee that you will make money. But I can promise you that once you have your own website, the possibilities of earning big money will greatly increase and I can safely say that you will most probably see money sooner than without your own website. 

Q. Does building a list really work?

A. Let's say you promote your squeeze page website and get 100 subscribers on your list (which is easy to do in 20-30 days) and send them an offer where you earn $40 in commissions (60% commissions on a $47 product @ 2% conversion rate). That's $40 you've just pocketed, and you can still contact your list again and again with more offers. So yes, list building and email marketing works!

Q. You say a 'squeeze page, blog & order taking website' to sell resell rights products etc. Does that mean I need 3 separate websites?

A. No. You can have all three types of pages on one main website. In fact, you can have hundreds of webs pages on one website. You simply make 'folders' on your website where you can upload all types of web pages. You can upload as many pages as your web host can fit. So if you have heaps of Resell rights products, you can sell heaps of them from one website! It's ok if you don't quite understand how to now, all will be revealed inside the guide!

Don't Be Fooled!

There are many colorful and wonderful offers out there that make out that you all you need to do is buy their product and your life is set...they will 'do all the work'...blah blah blah!

The only sure way to start a genuine online business and earn a day-job killing income is with your own website. And by 'your own website' I mean one that you have full control over.

Warning: This Is Not One Of Those "Make $1,000,000 In Your Underpants!" Type Guides

Another trap newbies get caught up in is the "make money doing nothing" schemes. Sorry to ruin your dream, but there is no such thing. Although some deals look like they work, they don't. Real success takes hard work over time.

So, if you're looking for that 'magic pill' that will do all the work for you so you can sit back and sip cocktails on the beach this weekend and expect your Paypal account to be busting at the seams, this is not for you.

I can't promise you'll be a millionaire, but I can promise you will be have all the steps in front of you so you can start your own online business with the potential to earn millions!

Once you have your own website, the possibilities for creating wealth are endless!

So if you are serious about making real websites that pull in real cash from real customers and don't mind following the steps to get there then this is for you.

Newbie Start Up Guide doesn't reveal some miracle marketing strategy that will make you a million dollars in your sleep...

But, It Will Get You Started RIGHT...

Like most internet millionaires, you'll need to start at the beginning and work your way up.

You'll need a website of your own which comes with the right knowledge, making  investments in the right tools and a little elbow grease.

With that solid foundation and determination, you will see the cash start to flow!

Millionaires started exactly where you are now. They build their business online (websites), build a list of subscribers and sell stuff to their subscribers. It's not rocket science but you need to learn it to succeed.

Take the first step and find out exactly how to do it in your copy of Newbie Start Up Guide.

What Others Are Saying About It...

"Get Right Down To The Nuts & Bolts!"

Daniel McGonagle says:

Dan McGonagleGet Right Down To The Nuts And Bolts!

Stu, I love your no-nonsense approach and you've out-done yourself agian here with Newbie Start Up Guide.

I know you only teach effective and time saving marketing methods, and this guide contains nothing less than what I expected from you.

This is a must have for anyone starting out with an online business who wants to get right down to the nuts and bolts of getting their own website up in a hurry and not fuss about.

Good luck to you and all your customers who invest in your new guide!

Dan McGonagle

"A Super Simple Guide To Success!"

James Brown says:

James BrownA Super Simple Guide To Success!

Hey Stuart,

I just got done reviewing your latest release and must say how thoroughly impressed I am. It's really a super simple plan to succeed with any internet business.

What I really liked about it was the concise, clear instructions. Nothing is left to the imagination nor are you left to wonder about your next move.

To top it all off you are selling this at a total steal! In this day & age of over-priced crap, this stands out big time.

Newbie Start Up Guide clearly shows you how you can finally stop struggling to plow through the internet business minefield.

Get this report today. I highly recommend it!

James Brown

"Solve All Newbie's Problems!"

Khai says:

KhaiSolve All The Newbies Problems!

Hey Stu,

Your new newbie guide is so simple and straight forward that anyone who reads this and still DOESN'T know how to build a money making website must be (in my most honest opinion) either a blithering idiot or armless.

I get hundreds of questions asked by newbies and most of the time, they ask the same question over and over again.

So from now on, I'll just recommend them to buy your Newbie Start Up Guide to save us both time and effort because it's the easy and cheap solution to solve all the newbie's problems.

Great job, Stuart!


"The Real Deal... Step #1 Go Here, Step #2 Do This, #3 Get Results!"

Terrance Charles says:

Terrance CharlesThe Real Deal...#1 Go here, Step #2 Do This, #3 Get Results

Hi Stuart,

If there's one thing I can say about you, it's that you always deliver quality information aimed to help other marketers break the barrier and become more successful.

There aren't too many guides I get excited about on the internet that promises to help you make money, but your Newbie Start Up Guide is one I am excited about.

It's the real deal, the actual steps...#1 go here, step #2 do this, step #3 get results type of approach.

Most courses are aimed specifically for the advanced internet marketer and it's about time someone laid out the real deal for new internet marketers.

This is the exact strategies I preach and use everyday in my business, you can't go wrong with Newbie Start Up Guide.

I highly recommend and stand behind it, great job Stuart!

Terrance Charles

"You Cut To The Chase!"

Todd Gross says:

Todd GrossYou Cut To The Chase!

Stu, what amazed me about the Newbie Start Up Guide is how you "Cut To The Chase".

There is no wasted verbage, just clear direct instructions of what a Newbie can and should do right now to get started.

It is refreshing, complete, and just what newbies and even non-newbies who can't seem to get anywhere have been asking for.

The info in the 51 pages of illustrated instructions on how to succeed is gold. Bravo!

Todd Gross

"I highly recommend this eBook."

Sonia Brown says:

Sonia BrownGet Right Down To The Nuts And Bolts!

Hi Stuart,

I am a new Internet Marketer. I bought your Newbie Startup Guide in August 2014, after doing some research to make sure that I am learning from someone who is respected in the industry.

Even though the book is not too expensive, what was more important to me was making sure that I was getting solid information and advice that I would be able to implement in my business. I am not disappointed!

To all new Internet Marketers, this truly is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your way through all the hype and jungle out there. I highly recommend this eBook. Sonia Brown

So How Much To Get A Copy?

This could be one of those unique products that I could charge $37 - $67 and get it...easy. That's about the same price as your typical 'how to course' or 'internet money' ebook product these days.

On top of that, forget about hiring a professional website designer and tech guy to make your site for you. You'd be looking to pay $200 just for a website template to be created! 

Then add an extra $100/per hour for all your technical jobs like uploading the site and making sure it all works.

When you order Newbie Start Up Guide you are guaranteed you are not getting some random ideas that could make you money...but an actual workable, step-by-step plan of action.

Even if you are the least computer illiterate and unmotivated person, one look over the steps and you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat because you will finally be able to get your own website up and making money!

Download 'Newbie Start Up Guide' For A Measly Investment Of Just $27 $9.97

You were probably thinking you'd have to pay much more for a guide of this high caliber. 

However, I decided to practically give it away for chicken feed.

Scratch together just a one time $9.97 and you can download this guide immediately after your purchase is completed and you're on your way to finally getting up and running online with your own website and blog like a pro.

Why such a cheap bargain?

First of all, whatever you do, DON'T think that the low price means this is just another junky ebook. In fact, it's far from junky...I personally think it's better than most ebooks I pay over $30 for! And I will be increasing the price up to $27 very soon.

I am charging only $9.97 today because I want to help as many newbies get started online as I can and I know that it's tough to fork out big investments when in the beginning when you're still getting your feet wet. 

Having it at this low affordable price let's me separate the tire kickers from the freebie seekers because I only want serious online business minded people having the privilege of the high quality info inside my guide.

For less than the price of a pizza and garlic bread, you can have something that will help you make enough money to eventually buy a pizza restaurant! It's a tiny price to pay for the mountain of info inside you're about to discover...in fact, you really can't afford not to get it. 

And like I said earlier, your purchase is fully guaranteed!

Full 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I honestly think that this is the best value for money newbie guide on the market and really doesn't even need a guarantee because I'm confident you will think so too. But just to let you know that I'm shouldering all the risk, here's the deal...

Purchase a copy of 'Newbie Start Up Guide' today and you have a full 60 days to try it and make up your mind whether or not this was the best investment you've ever made. 

If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, then I don't want to keep your money. Just send a quick email to me and I'll rush you back every cent of your purchase. No questions asked and we are still friends!

Stuart Stirling

In Just 24 Hours, You're Kickin' Butt!

Imagine in 24 hours from now...this time tomorrow, you're showing off your first internet business to your friends and saying with pride that it's all yours and that you did it all!

You know you need to do it and now is your chance to get the most straight forward guide on the planet for less than a couple of burgers.

For a small ome time investment, you can separate yourself from the other 98% of marketers who have nothing and become one of the top 2% who have their own website which generates income for them around the clock! 

Right now the price is just $9.97 but it will go up soon! I will be raising the price up to $27 at any moment. I just can't charge such a tiny price forever. If you come back tomorrow or later today even, I can't guarantee the price will still be this low.

Don't put it off any longer! You owe it to yourself to finally have a website of your own and now you have no more excuses!

Oh, Did I Mention Bonuses?!

If you've ever bought a product from me in the past, you'll know how I love to over-deliver on all my offers! You can expect nothing less than with this one too...

I've prepared a whole swag of helpful, quality "unadvertised bonuses" (valued at $67) on the download page for you. You can download them instantly, right after you complete your order.

So what are you waiting for?

Download Your Copy Now!

"Yes Stu! Count Me In!"

Newbie Website Start Up Guide

"This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Let me order and download my copy of "Newbie Start Up Guide" now for just a single payment of $27!"

Grab Your Copy Now!
Only $9.97

(Before the price rises at any time.)

Buy Now!
Pay with Credit CardPay with Paypal

Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now!

Access To Digital Downloads Immediately After Purchase - Orders Accepted 24 Hours 365 Days!

To Your Success,

Stuart Stirling

ps. Finally, discover how to get a list building, money making website and blog of your very own up and running online in 24 hours or less! This guide is specially written with the Newbie in mind to take you through the whole process step-by-step in plain English.

pps. Act now and pay less! In celebration of the launch of this new website, I'm letting the fast-movers to get my new guide at a ridiculous discounted price! Right now, you can download your copy for just $9.97! But hurry, because the price will be going up soon!

Click Here To Get Started Right Now!

"I Wish I Found It Earlier!"

Robyn Hatfield says:

Robyn HatfieldI just wanted to send you a quick email.  I have purchased 2 products from you, and both are outstanding. 

I'm impressed at how well they are written, and how easy it is to put the knowledge you provide into action.
EVERYONE who wants to start making money online should buy the Newbie Startup Guide! 

I wish I would have found it earlier!
I'm in process of creating my website, and I owe most of my knowledge to you.
I get so much email every day from various sources.  But I always make sure to read the emails from you.  Quite honestly, because your products are useful, informative, and definitely priced right! :)
So, thank you for all that you do!

Robyn Hatfield

Click Here To Download Your Copy & Get Started Right Now!

"The Only One That Explains In An Easy & Understandable Manner!"

Wyndham Cole says:

Hi Stuart,

I was so impressed with the layout of the instructions and all your comments.

The Newbie Start Up Guide is the only one I've tried up to now that really explains in an easy and understandable manner & I've tried quite a few!

I am a complete newbie, so your step by step guide is just what I need. Most people don't give you all the info required, they are just after your money and being a pensioner, I dont have a lot.

Your detailed help will be really appreciated Stuart, all my attemps to make some cash on the internet have failed big time. Now I will be able to proceed with my website build, get my web site up and earning I hope!

Wyndham Cole

"No Fluff, No Filler, No Hype And A Great Price."

Helen Renn says:

Thank you for your great follow-up. Very much appreciated. After purchasing Newbie Start Up Guide I read your book straight away and I must say I was very impressed.

No fluff, no filler and no hype and a great price. It certainly is as you say: "A Step-By-Step Guide to Help get your first internet marketing Squeeze Page, Blog and order taking website up and running in 24 hours".

A confidence booster to all newbies trying to get started in an online business.

Many thanks,
Helen Renn

Newbie Start Up Guide

Click Here To Download Your Copy & Get Started Right Now!

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